License Plate Mounting Bracket

License Plate Mounting Bracket


The Beacon Light License Plate Mounting Bracket:

  • Easily connects to the back of your Beacon Light
  • Is illuminated by the Beacon Light license plate LEDs when driving in the dark
  • Provides anti-theft protection for your license plate using the integrated aluminum locking loop and a cable lock (not included).

Video on how to install –

Is your license plate obscured by your rack and/or the bikes on your rack? If so, you are at risk of getting a ticket from law enforcement.  Don’t risk it!  Our new license plate mounting bracket allows you to easily transfer your vehicle’s license plate from the back of your vehicle to your Beacon Light where it is clearly visible. The two (2) white LEDs at the top of Beacon Light illuminate your plate when driving in the dark so your plate is always visible.

Worried about theft of your license plate?  No problem. The convenient locking loop at the bottom of the mounting bracket allows you to run a locking cable through the mount and secure to your rack or one of your bikes!

Video on how to install the License Plate Mounting Bracket


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